Bounty Manager

Bounty Manager

Job description

The ideal candidate for this position will succeed in this role if they have both knowledge and technical depth about the role and the industry. This is essential as they will be a central person in the decision-making process, working with multiple individuals across different teams when necessary. As a result, they will also be overseeing specific personnel.

Must have previous experience as Bounty Manager in other coin launches – mandatory –



  • Manage daily operations

  • Oversee multiple personnel

  • Help with onboarding and training


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience

  • Microsoft Office (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) Organized

  • Bilingual Spanish/English

  • Strong leadership skills

Employment Type



Send your C.V. attached to our HH.RR. e-mail;-)

What is a Bounty Manager?

A bounty manager is a person that works together as a team and oversees an ICO project bounty program to get more participants to advertise their project on several platforms, several social media.

A bounty manager investigates a project and accepts their offer. then allocate the stakes according to the available bounty slots.

Bounty includes:

Social Media ( Facebook, Twitter, Steemit, Cryptocompare, Reddit, Medium, Telegram, Youtube, Linkedin, etc)

Content creation ( Articles, Blogging, ETC)

Signature campaigns etc

Then he allocates % to each bounty, Creates rules to be followed, Creates spreadsheets, creates forms, Creates signature designs, and all.

The bounty manager is the person who launches bounty campaigns, manages them, sets rules, add weekly stakes, bans cheaters and at the end of the campaign calculates the total stakes and hence the reward tokens earned by each participant and then remains in contact with bounty hunters till the distribution of the rewards by the team.


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